Online Resources

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"You have developed many incredible resources to support faculty, and I have used many of your Creative Commons resources in my courses and workshops. I absolutely love that you folks make your work open. It has (and will) benefit so many faculty members." – Paula DeMacio, Professor of Learning and Teaching, Centre for Organizational Learning & Teaching, Centennial College


Teaching Tips: A searchable collection of more than a hundred brief and practical tip sheets that can help resolve issues across many teaching situations.

Research Guide: An excellent resource for those embarking on a teaching and learning research project for the first time. The Guide provides an overview of everything you’ll need to know when starting out, including:

  • Keywords that will help you navigate the teaching and learning research literature,
  • Links to discipline-specific, peer-reviewed teaching and learning research journals,
  • Learning assessment tools that will help you evaluate the effectiveness of a teaching method or strategy,
  • Information about the ethics approval process, and
  • A list of teaching-related websites and blogs.

Teaching Stories: Stories profiling instructors at Waterloo whose teaching is especially effective, innovative, or remarkable.

CTE YouTube Channel: Keynote talks from our signature events featuring experts in teaching and learning research and educational technologies, presentations from CTE staff and Waterloo instructors sharing first-hand experiences with impactful teaching strategies, how-to guides, and more.

CTE Blog: From 2008 to 2017, CTE maintained a blog in which our staff -- as well as instructors and staff from other academic support units -- explored issues and ideas pertaining to teaching and learning. Although that blog is now closed, its 450+ posts are still available