Signature Events

CTE's Signature Events:

In addition to our ongoing roster of short workshops, CTE also offers the following learning opportunities that are more intensive or expansive in nature: 

Waterloo Assessment Institute

Over a two-day retreat, the Waterloo Assessment Institute (WAI) helps individuals or teams redesign key assignments in their courses through peer feedback, consultation, and guided work time. Whether you are an individual seeking to improve an assignment, or a team seeking to link an assignment or assignments "horizontally" (across courses in a term) or "vertically" (across courses in different terms or years), WAI provides space, time, expertise and peer feedback.

Teaching Excellence Academy

The Teaching Excellence Academy (TEA) provides you an opportunity to re-design one of your courses. You will work with other faculty members – as well as Instructional Developers from the Centre for Teaching Excellence – in a retreat-like setting for four days. We engage in both small-group and individual activities to move you through a course design process that will enable you to create a revised course that aligns intended learning outcomes, teaching activities, and student assessment.

Instructional Skills Workshop

The Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) is an intensive, collaborative learning model that uses videotaped micro-teaching and peer feedback sessions to support participants' teaching reflection and growth. The ISW encourages examination of teaching practices with feedback focused on the learning process rather than on the specific content of the lesson.

Teaching and Learning Conference

Join us for our annual University of Waterloo Teaching and Learning Conference. Learn with instructors as they share their research, teaching strategies, and much more in interactive workshops, panel discussions, and presentations.

Instructional Innovations Week

Instructional Innovations Week is a series of workshops that explore several themes over several days in the Fall term. For example, in 2023, Instructional Innovations Week had the following themes: Scholarship of Teaching & Learning; Educational Technologies and Generative Artificial Intelligence; Student Engagement and Wellness; Sustainability.