About CTE

At CTE, we support Waterloo instructors, senior administrators, and staff members in other academic support units as we collectively strive to continually enhance teaching and learning at our university.

We do this through one-on-one consultations, workshops, and other events to encourage teaching enhancement and innovation; by developing and sharing online resources; by managing grant programs to support research on teaching and learning; and by coordinating awards that recognize excellent teaching. 

We work with individual instructors and teaching assistants on aspects such as course design, blended learning, and learning technologies but also with departments, programs, and faculties on initiatives such as curriculum renewal and program design.

The support we offer is evidence-based, responsive, and collegial. We are proud to be recognized as one of the pre-eminent teaching centres in Canada: 

“CTE is one of the teaching centres we look to as an outstanding centre that models excellence in educational development.” 
— 2017 External Review.

Take a look at our Strategic Plan, running from May 2021 to April 2025.