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2016 Green Office Certificate RecipientsThe Green Office program is a way for staff and faculty to be a part of the change they want to see at the University of Waterloo. Participants can: 

  • Learn new skills
  • Build relationships across campus
  • Make a positive impact on campus sustainability
  • Achieve certification for your department

The program was piloted from January through September of 2016 to evaluate successes, challenges, and resources required. The Green Office Overview (PDF) is also available for download.

How it works

The Green Office program is grassroots-driven. It supports ambassadors from each participating department to walk through five steps to improve the sustainability of their office space:

  1. GO Ambassador: this step empowers department champions5 steps graphic
  2. GO Check: ambassadors evaluate current practices
  3. GO Pledge: members of the department complete a participation pledge
  4. GO Action: ambassadors implement new practices in their department
  5. GO Awesome: departments receive recognition for their efforts

Ambassadors can access the following tools to help them make these changes:

  1. Ambassador network: Events and a discussion board with like-minded champions from across campus who are also supporting efforts in their own areas. 
  2. Resource toolkit: A set of templates, best-practice guides, and communication materials.
  3. Recognition: A common scorecard to help identify new project opportunities and receive a Bronze, Silver, or Gold designation for your office.


Overall, as of December, 2017:

  1. Centre for Teaching Excellence (87 points)
  2. Dean of Arts/Arts Undergrad Office (68 points)
  3. Dean of Environment Office & Library (Tied, 66 points)

Participating Offices

As of December, 2017.

The following departments are participating in the Green Office program. Click on each unit that has received certification to see details of their progress on the Green Office Scorecard.

Green Office Gold Certified Logo

Green Office Silver Certified

Green Office Bronze Certified logos

The following offices also have Ambassadors as part of the program and are in the progress of completing their scorecard:
  • AccessAbility Services
  • Campus Wellness
  • Creative Services
  • Federation of Students
  • Finance
  • Graduate Student Association
  • Human Resources
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Institutional Analysis and Planning
  • Plant Operations
  • Provost's Office
  • Renison English Language Institute
  • Safety Office
  • School of Accounting and Finance
  • School of Environment, Enterprise, and Development
  • Student Success Office
  • Visitor's Centre
  • Water Institute
  • Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy