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President's Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability

Call for members

The President’s Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability is currently seeking an additional faculty member and undergraduate student to join the committee. If you are interested, please send an email to by June 2, 2017, with the following information:

  • Your name and department/program affiliation
  • A brief description of why you would like to join
  • A brief description of any previous sustainability experience on or off campus
  • A brief description of any skill sets, knowledge, or experience you feel you would bring to the group

Faculty members will be asked to serve for a 2-year term, from the Spring 2017 through Winter 2019 academic terms.

Undergraduate student applicants should confirm that they are on campus and available to participate on the committee for Spring 2017, Winter 2018, and Fall 2018 academic terms.

Terms of Reference for the committee are available below.


    As the University of Waterloo continues to advance campus sustainability, the President’s Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability will represent a cross-section of Waterloo stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, and administration, to provide advice to the president on campus sustainability programs and policies.

    Committee Structure

    Co-chair: Jean Andrey - Dean, Faculty of Environment
    Co-chair: Dennis Huber- VP, Admin and Finance
    Additional Dean: Bob Lemieux, Dean, Faculty of Science
    Sustainability Coordinator: Mat Thijssen - Sustainability Coordinator
    ​Staff: Rick Zalagenas - Director, Maintenance and Utilities
    Staff: Annette Carroll - Financial Coordinator, Food Services
    Faculty: Amelia Clarke - Assistant Professor, Faculty of Environment
    Faculty: Under renewal
    FEDS Appointee: Antonio Brieva, President, Federation of Students
    Undergrad Student: Under renewal
    Undergrad Student: Kayla Hardie - Faculty of Science 
    GSA Appointee: Under renewal
    University/College: Peter Pillsworth - Facilities Coordinator, St. Paul's 

    Terms of Reference

    1. Purpose

    The President’s Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability (the “Committee”) is established to provide advice to the president (and to others on the direction of the president) on campus sustainability programs and policies.

    2. Objectives

    The core objectives of the Committee are:

    (i) Develop a sustainability policy for the university.

    (ii) Develop a sustainability plan for the university, including goals, targets, priorities and metrics to assess progress.

    (iii) Coordinate the preparation and distribution of the university’s biennial sustainability report for presentation to the president.

    (iv) Monitor the implementation of the Council of Ontario Universities sustainability pledge and any other future commitments.

    (v) Form working groups to develop specific plans, including communication and education plans for the university community, and monitor the progress of such working groups.

    (vi) Provide advice to the president, or to such other persons or bodies as the president may direct, related to sustainability opportunities and initiatives at the university.

    (vii) Take part in external collaborations, initiatives, surveys and other projects as the president may approve.

    3. Membership

    Membership in the Committee shall be comprised of:

    (i) The Vice-President, Administration & Finance, who shall act as co-chair.

    (ii) The Dean of the Faculty of Environment, who shall act as co-chair.

    (iii) One additional dean, to be chosen by the co-chairs.

    (iv) One undergraduate student representative, selected by the Federation of Students.

    (v) Two additional undergraduate students from alternating co-operative education terms, to be selected by the co-chairs.

    (vi) One graduate student, selected by the Graduate Student Association.

    (vii) Two faculty members from varying faculties or disciplines, to be chosen by the co-chairs.

    (viii) Two staff members from varying academic support units, to be chosen by the co-chairs.

    (ix) The Sustainability Coordinator for the University of Waterloo.

    (x) One non-voting member from the Affiliated and Federated Institutions of Waterloo, to be chosen by the co-chairs.

    The individuals to be chosen by the co-chairs pursuant to paragraphs 3(v), (vii), (viii), and (x) above shall be identified by the co-chairs based on an open call for expressions of interest. All committee members other than the co-chairs and the Sustainability Coordinator will serve a term of two years, renewable at the discretion of the co-chairs or, in the case of Committee members chosen pursuant to paragraphs 3(iv) and (vi) above, at the discretion of the Federation of Students and the Graduate Student Association, respectively.

    4. Roles of the Co-Chairs

    The co-chairs shall preside over Committee meetings, and have the authority to:

    (i) Appoint members to the Committee from applicants based on paragraphs 3(v), (vii), (viii), and (x), and pursuant to paragraph 3(iii).

    (ii) Call meetings as necessary.

    (iii) Strike working groups as necessary, as determined by the Committee.

    5. Role of the Sustainability Coordinator

    The Sustainability Coordinator will participate in Committee meetings and provide administrative support to the Committee by facilitating the development and sharing of information regarding sustainability practices and curriculum.

    6. Decision-Making

    From time to time, it is expected that the committee will make recommendations to bring forward to the president. When forming these recommendations:

    (i) The committee will make every effort to operate on a consensus model.

    (ii) When consensus is not attainable, the committee will follow a democratic process.

    (iii) It is understood that recommendations of the committee remain subject to normal University of Waterloo policies and approvals processes.

    7. Meetings

    The Committee shall normally meet once per term, but may meet more often at the call of the co-chairs. Working groups shall meet as often as required to meet their mandates as set by the Committee.

    Issued by the President & Vice-Chancellor on February 5, 2015.

    Feridun Hamdullahpur

    Presented to and endorsed by Executive Council on March 5, 2015.