We're expanding programs to make sustainable commuting easier.

Did you know that transportation accounts for nearly 50% of all greenhouse gas emissions in Waterloo Region? The University of Waterloo is committed to providing programs, services, and resources to help you integrate active and sustainable travel into your daily and weekly commuting. It's a great way to save money, improve local air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to a healthier lifestyle! Learn more about the many resources available for students and employees:

Two TravelWise employees at outreach event


Waterloo has partnered with TravelWise to access the website and associated network. Employees and students can:

  • Join the platform: Employees and students can join the University of Waterloo private user group with their email:
  • See your options: How much does your commute cost you by car, bike, or bus? How much carbon do you produce? How many calories could you burn? How long will it take? Search your trip to UWaterloo and find all that and more!
  • Track your trips: Log your trips to win quarterly prizes, keep tabs on your progress and impacts, and help UWaterloo better understand employee commuting.
  • Search for carpools: Want to find the perfect carpool match? Plug in your info and see who is out there waiting. (More information under Carpooling.) 
ION train at University of Waterloo station

Public transit

Waterloo is located along many major transit routes, making the bus or train a simple and cost-effective way of getting to campus.

  • Student UPass: Full-time undergraduate and graduate students automatically receive a Grand River Transit (GRT) pass as part of their student fees. Simply show your WATCard for unlimited rides on the ION and GRT busses!
  • Employee discounted transit passes: Through the TravelWise Corporate Pass, staff and faculty can receive a 15% discount on a monthly pass or individual fares. An electronic fare card will be mailed to you from GRT, and you can manage your subscription and balance through the GRT website by making auto-top-ups or one-time payments from your credit card. 
  • Finding transit routes: Visit the Grand River Transit website for all route maps and schedules or Google Maps for transit routes.
  • Tickets and inter-city travel: GRT fare cards, GO tickets, the Fed Bus tickets, and PRESTO fare cards can be purchased at the Turnkey Desk in the Student Life Centre. GO busses leave from the Transit Hub in East Campus.
Secure bike cage by EV3 and ML

Cycling + walking

Waterloo's South Campus is located along the Laurel Trail and is filled with pedestrian-friendly walkways, with traffic mostly limited to services vehicles and those using accessible parking spots.

  • Bike Centre: Run by WUSA, the Bike Centre is located in SLC 0101 and provides affordable access to tools, parts, and volunteer support on minor bike repairs and tune-ups. The Bike Centre supports a termly bike loan program and bike auction for unclaimed bikes from around campus.
  • Bikeshare: The University of Waterloo has partnered with Neuron Mobility for an e-bike and e-scooter share program, as part of a region-wide pilot supporting sustainable transportation options between the campus and broader community. Learn more about program on the Neuron e-bike and e-scooter share webpage.
  • Bike boxes:There are secure bike boxes available on South Campus on a first-come, first-served basis for $10+hst per month. Visit the Parking Services webpage for more information and to register. 
  • Bike cage: Waterloo has launched a new secure bike cage between EV3 and ML, which includes stacked covered bike racks with security cameras and fob access. Spots in the cage are $10+hst per month. Visit the Parking Services webpage for more information and to register. 
  • Bike theft prevention: Ampleopen-air bike racks are available at all buildings around campus. Don't forget to lock your bike, and visit the bike theft prevention tips from Police Services. You can also register the serial number of your bike to make it easier to recover in case of theft!
  • Trails and bike lanes: You can find nearby on-road and off-road cycling and walking routes easily using Google Maps. Just search the way you would for driving directions, and hit the bike or walking icons!
EV charging station at E6

Electric vehicles

A sustainable transportation system will require a massive transition to electric and alternative-fuel vehicles. Waterloo has expanded charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and has added a new incentive for electrification of campus fleet.

EV charging stations

There are a growing number of EV charging stations across the campus, currently available for use free of charge with a valid Waterloo daily or monthly permit while charging. Except for the Tesla charger, all stations on the University of Waterloo currently use the FLO/AddEnergie Network, allowing you to view station status to see which locations are available and monitor the status of your charging session during the day through a smartphone app from the station vendor.

Current locations include include:

  • E6: Tesla charger (Non-FLO network), Level 2 charger, Level 3 rapid-charger
  • SCH: Two Level 2 chargers
  • EC2: Three Level 2 chargers
  • EC4: Three Level 2 chargers
  • NH: Two Level 2 chargers
  • L Lot: Three Level 2 chargers
  • Plant Ops lot: Two Level 2 chargers (University of Waterloo fleet vehicles only)

For more information on the charging stations, visit Parking Services' EV Charging Policy

Fleet Electrification Incentive

Waterloo offers a $10,000 subsidy to any department seeking to replace an existing internal combustion engine vehicle with a fully electric model. Learn more about funding details and benefits on the Fleet Electrification Incentive webpage.

Two people carpooling with masks on


Sharing a ride is one of the easiest ways to save money on gas/parking and cut your environmental impact at least in half! Check out some opportunities for carpool matching and preferential parking:

*For your own safety, it is strongly encouraged to meet with a new match in a public area before you start carpooling.  Get to know the person, agree on terms such as cost sharing, smoking/non-smoking, and music tastes.

  • TravelWise carpool matching: Join the TravelWise employee or student group to match with other Waterloo employees or students, or with people from other TravelWise organizations and the community.
  • Facebook rideshare matching: If you are looking for an impromptu ride, try posting on the University of Waterloo Rideshare group. You must have a Facebook account and join the UWaterloo Facebook Group with your student or staff/faculty email address to access. This is a user-driven Facebook group which the University does not monitor or control.
  • Carpool parking: Employees may contact Parking Services to set up a formal carpool, and you will get access to preferential parking spaces! Visit Parking Services for more information.
Person holding phone looking at map app


Sometimes the unexpected happens, and sustainable commuting options are not always as flexible as driving. Don't worry, you're covered through TravelWise. Here is how the program works:

  • Staff and faculty who walk, cycle, take transit, or carpool are eligible
  • Individuals may be reimbursed up to $75 per trip, up for 4 times per calendar year
  • No pre-registration is required. Keep the receipt from your cab or other travel fare to submit a claim. The Region of Waterloo reserves the right to inquire about the nature of your emergency. Employees abusing the ERH will lose further privileges.
  • Download the Emergency-Ride-Home form (PDF) to learn what is covered and how to make a claim
  • The program is not available for undergraduate or graduate students at this time