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UWaterloo participation

The University of Waterloo is proud to participate in the following community programs and initiatives:


Waterloo students from the Faculty of Environment helped design the feasibility study that led into our local Climate Action Plan. As new actions and initiatives emerge under the plan, University of Waterloo professors, staff, and students are continuing their engagement.

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The Energize board game is a tool for middle and high school students to explore topics such as climate change, energy and Waterloo's transition towards a low-carbon future. Students will have the chance to improve their energy literacy, understand the complexity of climate change and decision-making for climate targets, and gain skills and resources to become local sustainability champions. 

Impact Network

Waterloo is an pledging organization on waste as part of the Impact Network, formerly known as the Regional Carbon Initiative (RCI). Run by Sustainable Waterloo Region, this member-based program helps organizations in Waterloo Region assess their environmental impact and set carbon, waste and water targets. The University joined in 2012 and is one of over 60 local organizations participating.

Impact Network

SDSN Canada

The University of Waterloo is the founding institution of SDSN Canada. As host, tWaterloo uses its position as home to Canada’s largest Faculty of Environment to share knowledge, enhance research and help solve the interconnected sustainability challenges confronting the world. 

SDSN Canada


Waterloo is a member of TravelWise, a partnership between the Region of Waterloo and Sustainable Waterloo Region. This program provides services to help employees walk, cycle, carpool, and take transit to work, and best practices for employers. Waterloo joined TravelWise in 2012 and is one of approximately 28 local organizations participating.

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UNFCCC Race to Zero

Along with 500 other global higher education institutions, Waterloo has committed ourselves to be Net-Zero by 2050. our commitment has not stopped there, check out our Shift:Neutral climate action plan to look how we hope to transform our campus.

UNFCCC Race to Zero

University Global Coalition

Waterloo is a member of the University Global Coalition. This collaborative platform of globally engaged universities and higher education association work in partnership with the UN and other stakeholders to create a more sustainable future for all.

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