As a staff member

10 staff members on DWE hill after pulling invasive species for pollinator garden planting in spring 2023

What you can do

What's the next thing you can do to help Waterloo's sustainability efforts?

Small actions like reducing waste, recycling, turning off the lights, and driving less do add up to important changes and help shift campus culture. For resources about how to live and work sustainably in your day-to-day, check out the Sustainability Guide. But there are also many impactful ways you can use your role on campus for wider impact.

As a staff member, here are some important actions you can take to support campus sustainability:

Job functions

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  • Integrate sustainability in purchasing decisions
  • Make day-to-day decisions on the job that reduce energy and water use, eliminate waste, and support sustainable food

Customer service

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  • Answer questions for students or peers about sustainability programs, services, or initiatives, or know to point them to the sustainability website


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  • Share with your manager when you see opportunities to improve sustainability practices in your department or across the campus
  • Show your support for sustainability decisions and initiatives on your team


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  • Provide positive encouragement for sustainability action on other teams
  • Bring sustainability ideas home to your family and other communities

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