Sustainability Living Lab

Living Lab


  • By 2025, establish Waterloo as a “go-to” hub for knowledge and expertise on sustainability challenges.

  • By 2025, implement 8 new sustainability-related projects annually on campus using faculty and student expertise

Supporting SDGs

SDG 4  SDG 9 SDG 13

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University of Waterloo EV3Around the world, institutions and societies are looking for innovative ways of becoming more sustainable. Climate change, waste, food systems, ecological degradation, and other sustainability challenges are universal, as are many of the solutions.  Through the Sustainability Living Lab program, the University of Waterloo aims to support students and faculty in using the campus as a model for researching, testing, and applying innovative approaches to addressing sustainability challenges. The recommendations and solutions developed by the Sustainability Living Lab projects have the potential to improve the campus and build the sustainability leadership that can help transform the world.

To explore past projects and future opportunities, check out the Sustainability Living Lab website.