Undergraduate programs

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  • By 2019, ensure undergraduate students from any program of study will have the opportunity to learn about sustainability in their course

  • By 2025, identify and implement flexible strategies for 5 programs of study to more deeply integrate sustainability within the curriculum

  • By 2025, every startup emerging from supporting programs at Waterloo will have access to tools and training to imbed sustainability into their emerging business plans and models

Supporting SDGs

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The University of Waterloo offers many undergraduate degree programs, diplomas, and options related to sustainability. 

Undergraduate programs

Waterloo has a many degree programs related to sustainability across a number of faculties. 
Some examples include: 
  • Applied Mathematics

  • Architecture

  • Biology

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Chemistry

  • Civil Engineering

  • Earth Sciences

  • Environment and Business

  • Environment, Resources, and Sustainability

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Environmental Science

  • Geography and Aviation

  • Geography and Environmental Management

  • Geological Engineering

  • Geomatics

  • International Development

  • Knowledge Integration

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Peace and Conflict Studies

  • Planning

  • Systems Design Engineering​​ 

 Undergraduate diplomas

Waterloo also offers several sustainability-related diplomas across campus. These diplomas can be pursued by students from any faculty, including non-degree and post-degree students. 

Undergraduate diplomas related to sustainability at Waterloo include: 

  • Diploma in Sustainability 
  • Diploma in Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation
  • Diploma in Environmental Assessment
  • Diploma of Excellence in Geographic Information Systems 

Undergraduate options 

Degree customizations enable interdisciplinary approaches and collaboration. Options normally start in second year and will have a specific set of requirements.

Some options related to sustainability include:

  • Business option
  • Environmental Engineering option 
  • Life Sciences option
  • Physical Sciences option

Systems of study

At Waterloo, you not only choose what you study, but how you study. In many programs, you can choose either the regular or the co-op system of study. Some programs, such as Engineering and Environment and Business, are offered only through co-op.

The regular system of study follows the traditional September to April school year each year while co-op alternates school terms and paid co-op work terms. Whether you're in regular or co-op, you'll take the same required courses and learn from the same great professors.