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Whether you're graduating from high school or you're looking for a specialized PhD program, Waterloo is the place for studying the environment.

Applying from high school or from another university/college?

UndegraduateProgramsOne of our undergraduate programs can provide a home base for your studies. In many cases, you can then customize your degree with one of our undergraduate options.

Looking for a graduate program?

Graduate ProgramsOur Master's and PhD programs cover the natural sciences, social sciences, and engineering.

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Research GroupsResearch — one of the main functions of the university — has the potential to make post-secondary education’s largest contribution to sustainability, according to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.

To tackle complex environmental problems, Waterloo researchers are thinking outside their disciplines. Academics from departments in all six faculties are reaching across traditional boundaries to collaborate in a search for solutions, and have formed a number of distinct research groups

Sustainability Living Lab

Living LabThe Sustainability Living Lab program, the University of Waterloo aims to support students and faculty in using the campus as a model for researching, testing, and applying innovative approaches to addressing sustainability challenges. The recommendations and solutions developed here have the potential to improve the campus and build the sustainability leadership that can help transform the world.