As a faculty member or instructor

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What you can do

What's the next thing you can do to help Waterloo's sustainability efforts?

Small actions like reducing waste, recycling, turning off the lights, and driving less do add up to important changes and help shift campus culture. For resources about how to live and work sustainably in your day-to-day, check out the Sustainability Guide. But there are also many impactful ways you can use your role on campus for wider impact.

As a faculty member or instructor, here are some important actions you can take to support campus sustainability:


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  • Identify connections between sustainability transitions and course, program, or disciplinary competencies
  • Create experiential learning opportunities for students through the Sustainability Living Labs program
  • Create a supportive environment for student inquiry, interest, and questions on connections to sustainability within courses
  • Integrate sustainability topics or lenses in assessment design, where appropriate


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  • Apply subject matter expertise to support sustainability transitions
  • Consider the consequences that the transition to a zero-carbon and circular economy might have on research findings
  • Minimize the negative sustainability impacts of research activities themselves, for example in travel, energy consumption, or waste


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  • Join campus committees or working groups related to sustainability
  • Support departmental sustainability efforts


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  • Build mutually beneficial partnerships across sectors to co-develop research collaborations that advance societal sustainability needs
  • Advocate for sustainability among professional societies/associations


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  • Talk to peers and colleagues about the importance of sustainability
  • Share feedback at the department or institutional level that encourage action on sustainability
  • Connect with sustainability-related peer networks or communities of practice within and across disciplines, on campus or beyond

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