WaterTalksWaterTalks is a lecture series, hosted by the Water Institute, that runs each year from September to March. Leading national and international researchers are selected to present inspiring dialogue and broadening perspectives on current water issues. The 45-minute lectures, held at the University of Waterloo, are followed by 15-minute question and answer periods. Seminars are frequently available on our YouTube channel.

Upcoming WaterTalks:

The Water Institute is pleased to announce several Fall 2019 WaterTalks. Please stay tuned as more talks will be announced in the near future! Mark your calendars!

Tuesday, October 8

Dr. Edson WendlandProfessor & Dean of the Engineering School of São Carlos, University of São Paulo, Brazil (EESC/USP)
When: 2:30pm
Where: QNC - Mike and Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre | Room 2502

Droughts are particularly critical for Brazil because of impacts on water supply and because most (70 %) of its electricity is derived from hydroelectric generation. A recent (2014) drought over Southeast Brazil exposed again the fragility of the system, compromising the water supply for 11 million people in São Paulo city. In this talk the water scarcity impacts related to this particular hydrological event as well as developed mitigation strategies will be presented.

October 24

Dr. Kathryn Furlong, Canada Research Chair in Water and Urbanization and Professor of Geography at the University of Montréal, will be discussing her research to reconceptualize the historical development, infrastructure processes, and ethics of water supply.  DC 1302, 2:30 P.M.

January 16, 2020

Sudhir Murthy, PhD
CEO, NEWhub Corp
Senior Vice President, International Water Association
Adjunct Senior Research Scientist, Columbia University
Location tba

Dr. Murthy will reflect on his experience as Innovation Chief at DC Water, including the use of a “process physics” approach in technology innovation and implementation. In addition, he will discuss reshaping existing wastewater plant infrastructure for energy conservation and resource recovery within the carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles.