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WaterTalks is a lecture series, hosted by the Water Institute, that runs each year from September to March. Leading national and international researchers are selected to present inspiring dialogue and broadening perspectives on current water issues. The 45-minute lectures, held at the University of Waterloo, are followed by 15-minute question and answer periods. Seminars are frequently available on Livestream.


 Watch full-length videos of past

Joan Rose
Monitoring Pathogen Concentrations in Sewage to Inform Treatment Goals and Public Health Risks
Mar. 30, 2017

Diane Dupont
Floods and Droughts: Eliciting Customer Willingness-to-Pay and Adverse Event Likelihood Priors for Public Utility Pricing and Infrastructure Decisions
Mar. 16, 2017

Alex Mayer
Developing the Great Lakes' Blue Economy: Water productivity, depletion and virtual trade in the Great Lakes basin
Feb. 16, 2017

Richard Luthy
Urban Water Supply Re-invention for Dry Cities
Jan. 30, 2017

Christian Stamm 
Unravelling the Impacts of Micropollutants in Stream Ecosystems
Jan. 12, 2017

Merrell-Ann Phare
Water Co-Governance and Collaborative Consent: Working in partnership with Indigenous peoples to protect water and honour the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)
Oct. 19, 2016

Pieter van der Zaag
Water Storage: Nature-based Solutions for Resilient Communities
Sept. 15, 2016

Prabhakar Clement
Worthiness of Complex Groundwater Models for Decision Making — when should we say enough is enough?
March 31, 2016

Susan Hubbard
Geophysical Approaches for Quantifying Watershed Structure and Function
February 26, 2016

Sharachchandra Lélé
Bridging Many Divides: Building an interdisciplinary understanding of water issues in a developing country context
January 28, 2016

John Reynolds
Salmon-fuelled Ecosystems of the Great Bear Rainforest
November 26, 2015

Dustin Garrick
Pathways to Water Security for Rivers Under Pressure: water markets and transboundary governance in Australia and Western North America
October 29, 2015

Sheila Olmstead
Water Resources and Climate Change Adaptation: An economist’s perspective
April 1, 2015

Charles Vörösmarty
Water in the 21st Century: Sources of pessimism, sources of optimism
March 12, 2015

John Smol
Exploring the Past to Protect the Future: Using sediments to study water quality
March 5, 2015

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