About the Water Institute

With more than 170 faculty members and 300 graduate students from all six University of Waterloo faculties, the Water Institute is breaking boundaries in water research by providing a forum for interdisciplinary research and education.

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Our history of water excellence

The University of Waterloo established the Water Institute in 2009, building on four decades of excellence in water-related research, education and innovation. Recognizing the collective excellence of water research programs at the University of Waterloo, the Water Institute was formed to coordinate and support the extensive group of university researchers, staff, students and partners, and to bring them together within a single institutional setting.

Our path forward in advancing water research and education

Today, ground-breaking, interdisciplinary research is taking place under the institute's five research themes. Four core research projects are also guided by the institute's leadership. Our Collaborative Water Program is a flagship example in Canada, and around the world, of a truly interdisciplinary water graduate program.