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Ranked among the top water research institutions in the world, the Water Institute is a leader in water research and education.

Distinguished by its commitment to 1) facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration, 2) inspiring innovation and 3) building international partnerships, the Water Institute is tackling some of the most complex water challenges of our time.

  1. Jan. 20, 2022Applied Public Health Chair in Healthy environments for climate change and northern food security announced
    Kelly Skinner

    Kelly Skinner, associate professor in the School of Public Health Sciences and Water Institute member, was appointed a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Applied Public Health Chair in Healthy environments for climate change and food security in northern Canada.

    The prestigious position, one of only seven awarded, includes $1.15 million in funding over five years for highly focused research that improves health equity for citizens in Canada and around the world.

  2. Jan. 18, 2022Climate change threatens future Winter Olympics

    A University of Waterloo press release.

    Climate change will limit where the Winter Olympics can be held as winter changes across the Northern Hemisphere, according to a study by an international team of researchers led by the University of Waterloo.

    The study, involving researchers from Canada, Austria and the United States, found that if global emissions of greenhouse gases are not dramatically reduced, only one of the 21 cities that have previously hosted the Winter Olympics would be able to reliably provide fair and safe conditions for the snow sports program of the Games by the end of this century. However, if the Paris Climate Agreement emission targets can be achieved, the number of climate-reliable host cities jumps to eight, with only six considered unreliable.

  3. Jan. 13, 2022Canada Research Chairs announced: Water Institute researcher among the world’s brightest scholars and scientists

    The announcement of Canada Research Chairs was made yesterday by the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry (ISED).

    Among the recipients was Water Institute member James Craig, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Canada Research Chair in Hydrological Modelling and Analysis, who has been renewed for five years.

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  1. Jan. 25, 2022WaterLeadership: Media 101 - Tips for Engaging with the Media

    As part of the Water Institute's WaterLeadership training series, the Water Institute, presents, "Tips for Engaging with the Media” with Pamela Smyth, media relations manager for the University.

  2. Feb. 15, 2022Nanotechnology Innovation in the Water Sector
    Banner graphic

    Water challenges are complex and require innovative solutions. The application of nanotechnology in the water sector offers real opportunity for breakthrough innovations that will contribute to the more sustainable use and management of water. 

  3. Feb. 17, 2022WaterTalk: The Next Water Revolutions
    David Sedlak

    As part of the Water Institute's WaterTalks lecture series, David Sedlak, Plato Malozemoff Professor, Director, Berkeley Water Center, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, USA will present: The Next Water Revolutions.

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