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Teaching and Learning Research

What is teaching and learning research?

Teaching and learning research is the systematic investigation of teaching and/or learning, which includes exploring a specific research question, engaging with the literature, collecting data, and sharing the results publicly (Bernstein & Ginsberg, 2009; McKinney, 2006).

Examples of teaching and learning research include evaluating the impact of a new teaching strategy or assessment method on student learning, examining the challenges students face in learning specific content or techniques, or generating new frameworks to describe the learning process.

How we can help

CTE provides support to students, faculty, and staff who are interested or engaged in conducting research on teaching and learning. CTE staff are available to help you throughout the research process, from discussing preliminary research ideas to disseminating your results.

Contact Crystal Tse, Instructional Developer - Research and Consulting, Kristin Brown, Educational Research Associate, or the CTE Liaison for your Faculty, for support at any stage of the research process.

We can help you:

  • Determine an appropriate study design and methodology for collecting data.

  • Identify relevant resources on campus and in the literature.

  • Discuss potential strategies for overcoming challenges in your project.

  • Plan opportunities for disseminating the results of your project to the University of Waterloo community and beyond (e.g., events on campus, conferences, and journals). 



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