Welcome to the Survey Research Centre

The Survey Research Centre offers a spectrum of services ranging from design consultation to survey data collection to data analysis. Our directors and associate director are experts in survey design and methodology, and have more than 75 years of combined experience. Since 1999 the Survey Research Centre has worked to develop expertise in rigorous, specialized academic research. Our focus is on maintaining a high standard of social science research for clients that include: academic researchers (both at the University of Waterloo and other institutions), university administration, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

For each research study, the Survey Research Centre:

  • Applies years of experience and knowledge of best practice approaches and current developments in methodology to help maximize response rates
  • Adheres to strict policies and procedures in order to collect high quality data 
  • Provides transparency and full reporting of survey conduct to respond to researchers’ needs when publishing in refereed journals, or to account to granting agencies or public bodies
  • Provides exceptional client service

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