Support for Graduate Students

"I have already seen improvements in student engagement by using the tools I learned in the workshop. I feel ready to teach more than ever before!" – Anonymous feedback, graduate student workshop 

CTE supports graduate students at Waterloo through certificate programs, workshops, one-on-one consultations about teaching and teaching dossiers, and teaching observation. 

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Certificate programs

Waterloo graduate students can complete individual workshops and/or enrol in one of our certificate programs:

*accredited by the Educational Developers Caucus (EDC)

Working on developing your teaching?

Resource Resource Descriptions and Links
CTE's TA Handbook The TA Handbook includes resources, policies, strategies, and suggestions for Teaching Assistants
Teaching Tips for TAs Visit the Teaching Tips for TAs to find more information about how to run tutorials, hold office hours, effectively mark assignments, and more
Workshops Complete individual Fundamentals of University Teaching workshops
Teaching observations Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who would like to have their teaching observed and receive feedback can contact Dr. Svitlana Taraban-Gordon

Preparing an academic job application?

Support Unit Resource Descriptions and Links
Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) For feedback on your teaching dossier or teaching statement, please contact Dr. Kristin Brown
Centre for Career Action (CCA) For feedback on cover letters and CVs, make an appointment with the Centre for Career Action
Writing and Communication Centre (WCC) For feedback on research statements, make an appointment with the Writing and Communication Centre

Additional resources

Our Staff: