CTE has temporarily relocated to East Campus 3 (EC3). We will continue to offer our regular programs and services from our temporary offices and workshop locations.

Policies, Handbooks, and Templates

The following policies, guidelines, and handbooks will answer many questions that arise for instructors. If you have a question that isn't addressed in the documents below, contact your Faculty Liaison or Faculty Teaching Fellow

  • Course outline template and requirements. A Word document detailing the information that you need to include in a course outline or syllabus, from the Office of the Associate Vice-President, Academic. 
  • Course outline example. A Word document that provides a model for organizing and formatting your course outline or syllabus, from the Office of the Associate Vice-President, Academic. 
  • Course outline exemplars. Six course outlines developed by Waterloo instructors, each featuring one or more notable components. 
  • Exam regulations. More than 20 regulations from the Registrar's Office governing the administration of final exams. 
  • Student petitions & grievances. Dealing with requests to be exempted from Waterloo regulations, or with challenges to a faculty member's decision. 
  • Copyright GuidelinesThis guide explains your rights and duties when you want to copy or communicate copyrighted material in the classroom.
  • Copyright: Frequently Asked Questions. General information about the Canadian Copyright Act and how it affects your work within the University.
  • Turnitin Guidelines for Instructors. Turnitin is a text matching tool that is commonly used to detect plagiarism, but can also be integrated into learning activities as an educational tool. 
  • Guidelines on computing & network resources. Expectations and responsibilities pertaining to the use of campus computers and networks. 

  • Online Service Interruptions. Recommended actions to take following a disruption to online learning environments. 
  • Ancillary Fees. What fees can be required of students for online resources, field trips, and more. 
  • Learning from Experience. A report on enhancing Co-operative Education & Career Services at Waterloo. 
  • Task Force Report on Deep Learning. A Waterloo report on innovative and effective teaching practices that foster deep learning.
  • TA Handbook. A handbook providing guidance and policies for TAs.