Curriculum design and renewal

Is your department or school engaging in curriculum design or re-design? Are you proposing a new program, or reviewing an existing program as part of Waterloo’s Institutional Quality Assurance Process? CTE supports departments and schools in the design, development, and renewal of curricula.

Curriculum development and renewal is a multi-phase process: curriculum design, implementation, assessment, and review. Driving each phase of this process is an attention to program learning outcomes.

Curriculum design and renewal process
Figure: Curriculum design and renewal process

Learn more

We’ve developed overviews of each phase of the curriculum design, renewal, and review process. Explore each link to find step-by-step guides to each phase of the process, as well as templates and sample materials.

For more information about the program review guidelines mandated by the Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance, visit Waterloo’s Academic Program Reviews and Quality Assurance Office.

How we can help

CTE can support departments and schools in each phase of the curriculum design and review process. We can:

  • Impartially facilitate curriculum committee meetings, design- and change-management processes, and workshops to support faculty members in the move to a new curriculum;
  • Help your department or school identify program outcomes, map your curriculum, develop or assess course outcomes, and design courses; and
  • Provide consultation on research projects related to your curriculum review and renewal.

For more information on CTE’s support for curriculum development and renewal, please contact Veronica Stephenson, Senior Educational Developer, Curriculum & Quality Enhancement.