Fundamentals Workshops/ Modules

Every term, the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) offers workshops on a variety of university teaching topics. Among those offered are lesson plans, interactive teaching methods, teaching online, giving and receiving feedback, and inclusive teaching.

How it works

As part of the Fundamentals of University Teaching program, participants must attend six  workshops:


The Fundamentals  workshops are delivered in various modalities (in-person sessions, online Zoom sessions, asynchronous modules, or a hybrid/blended session)

To view the workshop for the current term, please visit our Fundamentals Events page.

Please note:

  • Only CTE workshops numbered CTE0xxx, CTE1xxx, or CTE2xxx qualify
    • Prior to January 2019, workshops numbered CTE490 or lower qualify
  • Participants must complete the full workshop and deliverables by the due date to obtain credit

Prior learning recognition 

Should you have completed any of the following in the past 3 years, please contact with an electronic copy of your certificate  to be considered for Fundamentals credit.

  • Instructional Skills Workshops (ISW)
  • Getting Ready to Facilitate Online Courses Certificate offered by CEL
  • University teaching certificate from a different institution or your home department at Waterloo