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TA Workshop Facilitator and Graduate Instructional Developer team at CTE

We hire new graduate student staff members every term, so if you are a full-time graduate student interested in working with CTE, please contact us at We look forward to getting to know you.

TA Workshop Facilitators

TA Workshop Facilitators facilitate graduate student workshops on university teaching. Each TA Workshop Facilitator is responsible for preparing and facilitating five to six workshops per term and participating in monthly team meetings where the team collaborates on developing and revising our workshop offerings. TA Workshop Facilitators devote 30 hours per term to their role.

Graduate Instructional Developers

Graduate Instructional Developers conduct teaching observations, facilitate advanced workshops on university teaching, assist with the development of new workshops, and facilitate microteaching sessions—small-group practice teaching sessions—for graduate students. Just like TA positions at Waterloo, these positions are 10 hours per week.

Faculty & Instructor events

All full-time and part-time faculty, instructors, teaching staff and postdoctoral fellows are welcome to attend these events, unless otherwise noted (for example, some events are just for New Faculty or another specified group).

Register through myHRinfo unless indicated otherwise.