Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement (LITE) Grants

The University of Waterloo’s Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement (LITE) Grants fund projects investigating innovative approaches to enhancing teaching and fostering deep student learning at Waterloo. Since 2012, recipients across campus have used LITE-Grant funding to explore topics ranging from transcultural learning to ePortfolios, Communities of Practice to undergraduate teamwork development workshops, peer review of teaching to information literacy, and more.

Funded by the Office of the Associate Vice President, Academic, and administered by CTE, LITE Grants are awarded annually through two grant programs: LITE Seed and Full Grants. 

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Seed grants

Seed Grants support small-scale teaching and learning investigations or activities to develop your instructional skills with funding of up to $7,500. Applications are due February 1 and June 1 of each year. A third LITE Seed Grant will be held in October 2021 with applications due October 1.

Full grants

Full Grants support larger-scale or longer-term projects with funding of up to $30,000. They are also appropriate for cross-departmental, cross-faculty, or institutional level projects, but individual course level projects are welcome. The results of the projects are expected to be disseminated at the University of Waterloo and beyond. 

Funded LITE grant projects

Read the descriptions of funded projects to get a sense of the breadth of research and instructional development activities supported by LITE Grants.

How we can help

CTE staff are available to help you throughout the LITE Grant process, from discussing preliminary research ideas to disseminating your results.