How we can help

CTE staff are available to help you throughout the LITE Grant process, from discussing preliminary research ideas to disseminating your results.

Contact Annik Bilodeau, Educational Developer, Research and Consulting, or Brianna Bennett, Educational Research Associate, for support at any stage of the research and LITE Grant process.


Before you submit an application:

  • In order for your application to be considered, applicants are required to meet with Annik Bilodeau or Brianna Bennett within the first three weeks of the term. This meeting must occur, at the latest, one week prior to the submission deadline. At this meeting, we will discuss your project proposal and research plan, and suggest ways to enhance the quality and clarity of the application.
  • We can also:
    • Offer advice on whether your project idea is eligible for LITE grant funding.
    • Provide answers to your questions about the LITE grant application process.
    • Provide feedback on LITE grant proposals before submission.
    • Support the development of your project by helping you define your research questions and student learning outcomes, determine an appropriate methodology for collecting data, identify relevant resources, and more. 

Once you've submitted an application, we can:

  • Answer any questions  you have about the review process and any feedback you receive from reviewers. Once reviewers have reviewed your application, you may be asked to respond to questions or make revisions based on their feedback before notification of whether your application was successful. 

Once you've received funding, we can:

Resources for reporting and dissemination



Conferences are an excellent opportunity to share your LITE grant findings. Here are some conferences focused on teaching and learning research that you might consider submitting a proposal to:

Local Conferences

National/International Conferences

For additional (including discipline-specific) conferences, visit our Teaching and Learning Research Guide.


Consult the “Dissemination” page on our Teaching and Learning Research Guide for journals to consider submitting a paper to.

Sharing your results with colleagues on campus 

Plan talks, “lunch and learns”, or meetings within your department, faculty, or unit. Contact Annik Bilodeau or Brianna Bennett for support in planning these events.

Acknowledging funding

Please use the following statement to acknowledge LITE Grant funding in presentations and publications: “This research was supported by the University of Waterloo’s Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement Grant.”

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