Teaching and Learning Research and Grants

CTE provides support to faculty, staff, and students who are interested in conducting research on teaching and learning.

Teaching and learning research systematically investigates teaching and/or learning and can include exploring a specific research question, engaging with the literature, collecting data, and sharing the results publicly (Bernstein & Ginsberg, 2009; McKinney, 2006). Examples of teaching and learning research include evaluating the impact of a new teaching strategy or assessment method on student learning, examining the challenges students face in learning specific content or techniques, or generating new frameworks to describe the learning process. Follow the links below to get started. 

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Teaching and learning research

Our Teaching and Learning Research page provides resources on how to develop a teaching and learning research project.

LITE grants

Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement (LITE) grants provide support for experimenting with and investigating innovative approaches to enhancing teaching that aim to foster deep student learning at the University of Waterloo.

"I wanted to send a more personal note of thanks for your help and coaching toward the successful outcome of our grant. You have been a wonderful support and I appreciate it very much." – Colleen McMillan Associate Professor, School of Social Work