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Some Feedback on our Workshops

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"I enjoyed the whole workshop process and the community that came with the group: chatting with excellent instructors from across campus, learning about what they struggled with, what they were doing in their classrooms and sharing resources on top of the topic at hand." – Anonymous reading group participant

"Flipping the classroom was a resounding success! I received dozens of spontaneous complimentary emails from students as well as 16 emails that detailed what they liked about the flip and why it worked for them." – Moira Glerum, Biology

"The Instructional Skills Workshop was an informative, participatory adventure that modeled what it preached. The facilitators balanced sharing their expertise with allowing participants to embrace discovery. I appreciated the careful feedback, kind challenges, and exciting opportunity to learn in different ways." – Anonymous feedback, faculty workshop

“I've been amazed at how quickly the CTE and CEL folks have put together so many terrific workshops on remote learning, especially given how many tools there are and how quickly things are changing and evolving. I've connected with a lot of instructors across North America over the last couple months, and very few have the level of support we have (and it's showing in those instructors' anxiety levels and lack of knowledge about how to move online). I'm happy that Waterloo is dedicating substantial resources to this, and to ensuring that instructors have access to experts like those at CTE and CEL." -- Anonymous workshop participant