Areas of support

CTE staff are eager to support instructors by providing assistance in the following areas: designing and renewing program curriculum; fostering integrated learning experiences via ePortfolios, experiential learning, and high impact practices; conducting research on teaching and applying for funding to support that research; nominating an instructor for an internal or external teaching awardteaching with technology, both within LEARN and beyond it; enhancing students' communication skills through writing across the curriculum strategies; and more. 

If you're seeking support from a CTE staff member, our Faculty Liaisons are often the best point of first contact. CTE's Liaisons can help instructors design and deliver courses grounded in sound pedagogical practices; they can also help instructors implement effective learning activities in Waterloo's learning management system (LEARN).

If you are looking for support for a specific issue or in a specific area, please contact any of the individuals in the tables below.

Support for Instructional and Curricular Development

Support From Other Academic Support Units

My department members would like assistance with.... Contact
  • Clarifying copyright issues
Lauren Byl, Library
  • Promoting academic integrity
Amanda McKenzie, Quality Assurance and Academic Integrity
  • Teaching fully online courses
Aldo Caputo, Centre for Extended Learning
  • Creating video content for courses
Waterloo Studio
  • Supporting accessability and inclusion
Jennifer Gillies, Accessability Services

Other Useful Resources