Teaching with technology

Student holding an iPhone

Educational technologies facilitate teaching and learning. Such technologies can support objectives and activities such as collaborative learning, dissemination of content, peer review, experiential learning, assessment, and much more. With many technologies, there are two aspects to consider:

  1. The "mechanics" of the technology — for example, how to set it up, how to integrate it with LEARN, which "buttons" to press (so to speak), and so on. For this technical aspect of the tool, you should consult Waterloo's Educational Technology Hub
  2. The pedagogy of the technology —  that is, how to use it effectively in your course to help you achieve your objectives and to help your students achieve their learning outcomes. For this aspect of the tool, you should consult either your Faculty Liaison or, if the tool is new or unfamiliar to the Faculty Liaisons, contact Mark Morton, CTE's Senior Educational Developer, Inquiry and Communications.