Fundamentals of University Teaching program

The Fundamentals of University Teaching certificate program supports UWaterloo graduate students in developing their knowledge and skills as university TAs and instructors. The program is designed to provide professional development to UWaterloo graduate students; current TAs learned strategies and ideas to implement in their teaching, and graduate students who don’t have an opportunity to TA receive teaching development.

Recent Fundamentals participants have reported that, as a result of the program, they gained more confidence in their teaching abilities and better understood how different teaching strategies work in real life.

Upon completion of the program, participants receive a Certificate of Completion issued by the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE). Completion of the program is also listed on participants' transcripts in the "Milestones" section.

The Fundamentals program can be completed at participants' own pace and takes between one and six terms to complete. It can also be completed in our two-week intensive Fundamentals Block program, offered each April, August, and December.

The Fundamentals program, which is of no cost to participants, is open to currently enrolled Master's and PhD students from all faculties. Please note that Certificates of Completion cannot be issued to students after graduation, so the program must be completed by the end of graduate studies.

By completing the program, participants will:

  1. use their classroom delivery and presentation skills more effectively
  2. develop lesson plans that are interactive and designed to meet specific learning outcomes
  3. identify and practice strategies that foster active learning
  4. improve their ability to give and receive effective feedback
  5. increase their confidence and self-awareness as university teachers

After participants complete the Fundamentals program, they can apply for admission to the Certificate in University Teaching (CUT) program.

Program requirements:

As part of the program, participants will attend a minimum of six teaching workshops and participate in three microteaching sessions to practice their teaching skills in small groups of peers.

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Register for the program:

To register for the Fundamentals program, please complete our online registration form


If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please contact or at ext. 33132.

Fast fact:
To date, 781 graduate students have completed the Fundamentals of University Teaching program since its inception in the winter term of 2011.