Fundamentals of University Teaching Program

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The Fundamentals of University Teaching (Fundamentals) program provides hands-on professional development opportunities and introduces participants to evidence-based strategies and ideas to implement in their teaching.

What it is

The Fundamentals program supports Waterloo graduate students in their development as university Teaching Assistants (TAs) and instructors. As of the start of Winter 2023 term, 1641 participants have completed the Fundamentals program.

The Fundamentals program is of no cost and is open to graduate students at Waterloo.

How it works

The program is completed at participants' own pace, can be completed in 2-3 terms, and must be completed by the end of graduate studies.

The Fundamentals program is comprised of two components: workshops/modules and microteaching sessions.

Component Component Description and Links
Workshops Complete six  teaching workshops/modules. The workshop schedule for this term can be found on the Fundamentals Events page.
Microteaching sessions Participate in three microteaching sessions to deliver mini lessons to peers and receive feedback on teaching

Upon completion of the program, participants:

  • receive a Certificate of Completion issued by the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE)
  • receive a Milestone on their university transcript
  • are eligible to apply for admission to the Certificate in University Teaching (CUT) program

Program goals and outcomes

By the end of the program, participants will:

  1. use their classroom delivery and presentation skills more effectively

  2. develop lesson plans that are interactive and designed to meet specific learning outcomes

  3. identify and practice strategies that foster active learning

  4. improve their ability to give and receive effective feedback

  5. increase their confidence and self-awareness as university teachers

Who can register

To register, participants must:

  • be Master's or PhD students officially registered at the University of Waterloo

The program is also open to Postdoctoral Fellows at Waterloo as well as staff with instructional responsibilities.

How to register

To register for the Fundamentals program, please complete:

The program takes approximately 2-3 terms to complete.


Contact our Program Coordinator at