Course code: CTE202

DescriptionWhile teaching assistants are not expected to design courses, they are responsible for planning tutorials, seminars, and occasional guest lectures. A good class involves careful and thoughtful planning of the content, delivery, time management and the learning process. Therefore, it is important for TAs to develop effective lesson planning skills and strategies. 

This workshop will provide TAs with the techniques for organizing and structuring a lesson according to pre-established learning objectives. By looking at various lesson planning templates and developing your own example lesson plan, you will be able to develop a framework for lesson planning that is compatible with your teaching context and your teaching style. 

Pre-Workshop Activity: 

  1. Choose a straightforward topic (foundational concept or skill) from an introductory course in your field that can be taught in a 15-min. lesson. Your topic should be aimed at a novice learner in your field.  
  2. Write the main learning goal for your lesson (Start with: "By the end of this 15-min. lesson, my students will be able to...") 
  3. Bring your topic and the main learning goal to the workshop. 
  4. Throughout the workshop, we will work together on developing an effective lesson plan for your chosen topic. You may use this lesson plan if you intend to participate in Microteaching Sessions. 


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