Turnitin can be used as both a plagiarism tool and an educational tool. Turnitin generates ‘similarity reports’ on student submissions which can provide instructors with information about plagiarized sources. The reports can also be used as part of a formative or low-stakes assessment to help students understand the proper use of quotation marks, how to cite sources properly, and how to paraphrase.

It is important that instructors, TA's, and students know how to use Turnitin and interpret its reports.


iThenticate is text-matching software that is designed to be used by researchers to ensure the originality of written work before publication. For example, graduate students and researchers can check their articles and book chapters to be submitted for publication, grant proposals, theses and dissertations.

The iThenticate tool is provided by Turnitin. Turnitin and iThenticate check against the same databases, but these services are designed for different categories of users. While Turnitin is designed to meet the needs of instructors and their courses, iThenticate is a text-matching service for researchers. iThenticate cannot be used for coursework.

Note: iThenticate does not currently include an AI detection tool. This tool is expected to be incorporated into this software in 2024. 

For support and more information, review:

To request an iThenticate account, contact Sean Warren.