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Welcome to the Office of Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is the cornerstone of research, teaching, and learning. Members of the University of Waterloo community are expected to personally demonstrate academic integrity in their work. We are here to help you do so.

This website contains information for:

Students at the University of Waterloo are encouraged to complete the Undergraduate Academic Integrity Module. The module is designed to introduce students to the values of integrity, and practice applying them to common scenarios. 

We also have another suite of modules specifically designed for undergraduate students in STEM that include real-world examples in Computer Science, Math, Engineering and Science. 

  1. Apr. 19, 2021STEM Academic Integrity Focus Groups

    The University of Waterloo is in the process of designing online learning content about academic integrity for undergraduate students in STEM disciplines. We are looking to speak with undergraduate students from the faculty of Engineering, Science, and Math to learn about what you know about this topic, as well as differences you’ve seen or experienced since we’ve moved to an online learning environment. As Engineering, Science, and Math students with insights into the unique learning needs of your discipline, the feedback that you provide is valuable. 

  2. Dec. 2, 2020Introducing the "Instructor Resources for Student Success" Learn Site

    Introducing the "Instructor Resources for Student Success" Learn site. The site connects instructors with resources they can easily import into their Learn courses to help support students. The content includes videos, workshops, and other resources from academic support units at the University of Waterloo.

    Instructors can self-register for the site in Learn. If you have any questions about the resources or would like further support options, contact the relevant support unit.

  3. Mar. 16, 2020Academic Integrity and Online Learning

    As many courses make the move to an online format, the Office of Academic Integrity has the following tips for instructors to promote academic integrity:

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