Artificial intelligence and ChatGPT

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Artificial intelligence is everywhere and with it comes new opportunities and challenges.

As these new platforms evolve so must the way instructors, TAs and students use them. Given the rapid pace of change and growth in artificial intelligence - this issue will be ongoing for the foreseeable future. 

At present, it is important for instructors to be explicit about whether artificial intelligence or tools like ChatGPT are allowed to be used to complete assignments, tests or exams, and if so, the extent to which it is allowed, and if it should be cited and how to cite it. A student who does not comply with the instructors rules about the use of such tools will be subject to Policy 71 and an investigation into academic misconduct. 

A memo from the Associate Vice-President, Academic about Chat GPT (and other AI tools) can be found here.

FAQ for Instructors and TAs can be found here. Wiley has also put out a publication on AI in Higher Education: Current Uses and Future Applications which can be found here

Thinking about Generative Artifical Intelligence in the Classroom (Video): An overview for University of Waterloo instructors on considerations for generative artificial intelligence in teaching and learning. Includes recommendations instructors may wish to implement in their teaching practice.