Group work is a beneficial practice, both for your ability to learn within a course and as a practical skill later in your career. However, it is important to remember that any group work or collaboration needs to be consistent with your instructor’s guidelines, and these guidelines may be different in each assignment or course.

For example, you may have assignments in which the instructor permits collaboration during all stages of an assignment, or during certain stages of an assignment. You may also have assignments in which no collaboration is permitted. If you are not sure if collaboration is permitted, it is best to work alone and check with your instructor.

Students can review guidelines and resources for collaboration in the Assessment of Unauthorized Collaboration Involving Undergraduate Students (PDF).

If you are considering having your work edited, review the Guidelines for Ethical Editing of Undergraduate Student Texts or Graduate Student Texts on the Editors Canada website

Tips for Group Work

Before beginning the project:

While working on the project:

  • Keep track of what each group member is contributing.
  • Have frequent meetings with your group members to discuss progress and challenges.
  • Review and sign the Assignment Checklist for Group Submissions before submitting.