Academic Integrity Learning Modules

Academic Integrity 101

Are you a University of Waterloo student who:

  • Wants to learn the academic integrity expectations at the University of Waterloo?
  • Wants to practice citing, integrating evidence, and paraphrasing?
  • Wants to identify strategies to avoid academic misconduct?
  • Wants to find out about all the supportive campus resources to help you succeed?

Students can self-register in Learn for Academic Integrity 101, a workshop designed to help you succeed. Login to Learn, hit 'self-registration' at the top of the screen, and find Academic Integrity 101.

Undergraduate Academic Integrity Module

All students are encouraged to complete the Undergraduate Academic Integrity Module (UG AIM). This module is openly accessible to anyone.

In the module, you will have the opportunity to consider the implications of integrity in your academics and beyond. The intention is to help you understand the basic values of integrity, in hopes that you will strive to apply these values in your coursework, your co-op, and in your everyday life.

To complete the UG AIM, review the scenarios and questions under each value. When you are ready, attempt the final quiz. To pass the UG AIM, achieve at least 80%. Students are able to complete the quiz as many times as needed. Your grade is for your information only and will not be recorded in the system, nor will you be sent notice of your score/completion.  

The UG AIM was made possible by an e-Campus Ontario grant in 2018. Originally developed as a mobile application, the content later shifted to the University of Waterloo's Content Management System on Open Waterloo. Thank you to E-Campus Ontario for the grant, Amanda McKenzie, Tony Tin, Alice Schmidt Hanbridge, and several partners on campus who made the UG AIM possible. This work is licensed under a CC BY-NC 4.0.

Academic Integrity Module for STEM Students

University of Waterloo led an eCampus Virtual Learning Strategy (VLS) project in collaboration with University of Ottawa, Queen’s University, University of Toronto (St. George), McMaster University, University of Guelph, and the University of Windsor. 

The internal project team, co-led by Amanda McKenzie (Office of Academic Integrity) and Dr. Kari Weaver (Library), leveraged subject expertise and input from a wide variety of external collaborators. The core development team of Weaver, McKenzie, as well as Erin Nearing (Office of Academic Integrity) and Maria Barichello (Student Success Office) created the content, and the Library’s instructional design team designed the modules. Special thanks go to Mike Chee, open education librarian, who kicked-off the project by applying to eCampus Ontario for support. 

The team created six online modules about “Academic Integrity for Undergraduate STEM students”, available in both English and French. The aim of these modules is to better prepare students in STEM to tackle academic challenges. These modules seek to fill that gap by providing real-world examples specific to all four STEM disciplines (science, computer science, engineering and math) so all undergraduate students can progress through their studies with a standardized base of knowledge and clear understanding of how these topics relate to circumstances unique to STEM fields.  

These modules are openly accessible to anyone.

These modules fall under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license and can readily be adapted and shared with attribution. The unbranded and French versions are available on the eCampus website. 

Graduate Academic Integrity Module (GRAD AIM)

The University of Waterloo recognizes that its graduate students come from a variety of cultural and educational backgrounds, and that expectations about academic integrity can differ from one institution to another. To satisfy this need for consistency across graduate programs and to inform and support our graduate students, the University of Waterloo has created the mandatory Graduate Academic Integrity Module (Graduate AIM).

The Graduate AIM is an online course that all Waterloo graduate students are required to take through LEARNThe Graduate AIM is not visible in LEARN until the first day of classes each term. Students must read the information about academic integrity and then receive a mark of at least 75% on an online quiz. The quiz must be successfully completed within the first 8 weeks of the term. Graduate students are only required to complete this module once - they do not need to repeat it. Credit for this module will appear at the END of the term in Quest. 

Waterloo graduate students can find more details about this module on the Graduate Academic Integrity Module webpage.