About the Office of Academic Integrity

The Office of Academic Integrity (OAI) is a promotional and educational unit that communicates the importance of academic integrity and the core value of integrity at the University of Waterloo. We work with various faculties, extra-curricular associations, and academic support units to ensure everyone has access to the information and resources necessary to make integrity-aligned decisions.

The OAI established in 2008 in response to the recommendations outlined in the report: "Toward a Level Playing Field: Enhancing Academic Integrity at the University of Waterloo" (PDF).

Some of the initiatives the OAI is involved in include:

  • Custom presentations and workshops to undergraduate and graduate students during orientation and in-class
  • The Undergraduate Academic Integrity Module, a module designed to introduce students to the values of integrity
  • The re-design and support for the Graduate Academic Integrity Module (Grad AIM), a mandatory module for all new graduate students
  • Academic Integrity Competency Mapping, a project designed to identify and implement academic integrity skills at the first-year level
  • Promoting the educational uses of Turnitin through workshops and presentation
  • The Academic Integrity Remedial Workshop for students who've committed academic misconduct, at the discretion of their Associate Dean
  • The Academic Integrity Advisory Committee (AIAC), which brings together a diverse range of campus partners to discuss academic integrity promotion, engagement, and education