Graduate Academic Integrity Module

The University of Waterloo recognizes that its graduate students come from a variety of cultural and educational backgrounds, and that expectations about academic integrity can differ from one institution to another. To satisfy this need for consistency across graduate programs and to inform and support our graduate students, the University of Waterloo has created the mandatory Graduate Academic Integrity Module (Graduate AIM).

The Graduate AIM is an online course that all graduate students are required to take through Waterloo LEARNThe Graduate AIM is not visible in LEARN until the first day of classes each term. Students must read the information about academic integrity and then receive a mark of at least 75% on an online quiz. The quiz must be successfully completed within the first 8 weeks of the term.

The Graduate Academic Integrity Module does not replace or substitute your participation in academic integrity milestones that are required in the Faculties of AHS, ARTS and SCI. Students in AHS, ARTS and SCI must complete both requirements. For more information about Faculty milestones (e.g. academic integrity workshops), contact your Graduate Studies Coordinator.

*Please note: Any time a student begins or transfers into a program, they must complete the Grad AIM. For example, students who have completed the Grad AIM at the Master's level and then are admitted or transfer to a PhD program must still complete the Grad AIM at the beginning of their program. Students who have completed the Grad AIM at the PhD level and are admitted or transferred to a Master's program must still complete the Grad AIM a the beginning of their program.