List of Department/program Graduate Co-ordinators, Graduate Studies
Department/Program Contact Extension Location Email
Accounting - Admissions and Records (PhD) (MAcc) Jenny Rothwell 32770 HH 3172
Anthropology (Public Issues) Jennifer Doucet 32520 PAS 2012
Applied Mathematics Samanthi Sooriyabandara 33170 MC 6042
Architecture Tina Davidson


ARC 2106
Biology April Wettig 36392 B1 274A
Business Entrepreneurship and Technology Nina Ripley 48381 E7
Catholic Thought - (St. Jerome's University) Morgan Regehr 28595 SH 2106
Chemical Engineering MASc and PhD Judy Caron 32620 E6  40279

Chemical Engineering - Admissions (MEng)

Judy Caron 40279 E6 3028
Chemistry Cathy Van Esch 35086 C2 260C
Chemistry - GWC2 (including Nanotechnology) - Admissions Kim Rawson ext 38111 except Wednesday at U of Guelph 519-824-4120 ext 53848 C2 263
Civil and Environmental Engineering Victoria Tolton 32804 E2 2328A
Classical Studies Brigitte Schneebeli 32377 ML 224
Climate Change -  see Geography and Environmental Management      


Combinatorics and Optimization Melissa Cambridge 34027 MC 5013
Computational Mathematics Erin Kelly 37213 MC (Remote)

Computer Science - MMath Research programs

Marie Kahkejian 36468 DC

Computer Science - Supervisor and Scholarships

Denise Shantz 34872 DC
Computer Science - MMath Coursework programs and Scheduling Jennifer Crane 38382 DC 2599D
Computer Science - PhD programs Paula Roser 36902 DC 2599A
Computer Science - Services Assistant Ibelemari Kio 36698 DC 2599
Data Science Ken Qiu N/A Remote
Data Science - MMath and MDSAI Silvana Shamuon N/A DC
Digital Experience Innovation - Enrolment/Graduation Hazel Palmer 23009



Digital Experience Innovation - Admissions/Records

Lauren Kochanowski 23004


Earth and Environmental Sciences Sue Fisher 35836 EIT 2035
Economics Pat Shaw 36556 HH 210  (for program inquiries)   (for all other inquiries)

Electrical and Computer Engineering -Admissions (MEng and MEng Power)

Pavneet Kaur 38231 EIT 3133
Electrical and Computer Engineering - Admissions (MASc and PhD) Jared Rank 31212 EIT 3134
Electrical and Computer Engineering (Graduate Funding and Scholarship Coordinator) Susan Widdifield 32912 EIT 3135
Electrical and Computer Engineering (PhD and PhD special programs)

Cassandra Brett

33645 EIT 3139
Electrical and Computer Engineering (MASc, MEng and MEng Power Programs) Zoe Tipper 33586 EIT 3138
Electrical and Computer Engineering (Manager)

Jessica Rossi

33330 EIT 3136
English Language and Literature Agata Jagielska 43618 HH 250
Fine Arts Sharon Dahmer 36923 ECH 1201
French Studies

Kathleen St. Laurent

35132 ML 336
Geography and Environmental Management      

Alan Anthony -

MA, MA (Water), MES, MES (Water), MSc, MSc (Water), PhD, and PhD(Water)

32730 EV1 123

Teresa Wilson -

Master of Climate Change, GDip in Climate Risk Management

48539 EV1-315
German/Russian Janet Vaughan 32428 ML 220
Global Governance Maha Eid 42415 HH 314
History    Susan King 32297 HH 135
Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) Kaitlyn McDonell 38702 QNC 3109
Kinesiology Denise Hay 32476 BMH 3029
Management Sciences - Admissions (MMSc-online, MoT, MMSc course work) MMSc course work on campus records Kim Dunne 84799 CPH 4319
Management Sciences (MASc, PhD) Erin Ackersviller   CPH
Mathematics for Teachers Jacquelene Bailey 32681 MC 6241 
Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering - Records (MENG, MASC) Karen Schooley 43385 E7 3314

Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering - Admissions (MENG, MASC, PHD) Krista Miller 43365 E7 3318 
Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering - Nanotechnology (PhD) Jian Zou 42019 E7 3316
Nanotechnology Program Sarah Landy 47689 E7 7412
Peace and Conflict Studies Seth Ratzlaff 24216 CGC 2103
Pharmacy Melinda Recchia 21353 PHR 4006
Philosophy Monika Kitor 40589 HH 358

Physics - GWPI, Admissions

Ena Devedzija   PHY 375
Physics - Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) Debbie Guenther 519-569-7600 x 5210 PI
Physics and Astronomy - Records Diana Goncalves 35077 PHYS 375
Planning - Admissions & Records Tracey Beirness 48154 EV3 3211
Political Science  Maha Eid 42415 HH 314
Psychology Cathy Spencer 32043 PAS 3013
Public Service - Admissions Sheila McConnell 31012 EC5 1009
Public Service - Admissions & Records Leah Connor 31030

Pure Mathematics Nancy Maloney 35674 MC 5314
Pure Mathematics - Admissions Lis D'Alessio 38091 MC 5309
Recreation and Leisure Studies Tracy Taves 46149 BMH 2212
Religious Studies Priti Nayak 33497 PAS 1055

School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED)

  • Sustainability Management MES (Water)
  • Sustainability Management MES
  • Economic Development and Innovation MEDI
Angie Hildebrand 38189 EV3

School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED)

  • Master's of Environment and Business (MEB)
  • Master of Development Practice program
To be determined      
School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability (SERS) Sofija Jelacic 42784 EV2 2032
School of Public Health & Health Systems (SPHHS) – Professional Graduate Programs (MPH, MHE, MHI) Michelle Fluit 47734 LHN

School of Public Health & Health Systems (SPHHS)– Graduate Research Programs (MSc & PhD) Brian Mills 38455 LHN 2707

School of Public Health & Health Systems (SPHHS)– Admissions and Records Stavros Stavroulias 40320 BMH 2734
School of Public Health & Health Systems (SPHHS)- Admissions Joel Wodhams 46220 BMH, LH 
School of Optometry and Vision Science Emily O'Connor 35039 OPT 301A
Sociology and Legal Studies Adrian Buchanan 38688 PAS 2047
Social Work Shella Zagada



REN 1422
Social Work - Admissions Marion Reid 519-884-4404 x28626 REN 1409

Statistics and Actuarial Science

  • Master of Quantitative Finance
  • Master of Actuarial Science
Helen Chen 31232 M3 3139

Statistics and Actuarial Science

  • MMath (Actuarial Science, Biostatistics, Statistics)
Lisa Baxter 35728 M3 3138

Statistics and Actuarial Science

  • PHD (Actuarial Science, Biostatistics, Statistics)
  • Scholarships and Awards
Mary Lou Dufton 36532 M3 3137
Systems Design Engineering Diana Macfarlane 32826 E5
Systems Design Engineering Jacqueline Leach 43498 E7
Systems Design Engineering - Admissions and Records  Jeannette Friend N/A E5 6123
Taxation Joyce Becker 37553 HH 3167
Theological Studies (Conrad Grebel University College) Rebekah Smoot-Enns 519-885-0220 x24211 CGUC 2121 

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