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Adjusting to online learning at home will require similar study skills you use in-class, but you may need to apply them differently for the new format. There are also steps you can take to set up your remote work environment to support your success in online courses. Review the Centre for Extended Learning introductory module, created in partnership with the Student Success Office, for tips you can use to adjust to online learning. 

Explore the resources below to learn how to study more effectively in university.

You can also book a Peer Success Coaching appointment to learn more about how to integrate these study tips into your student life. The Writing and Communication Centre offers online resources and in-person appointments to support academic or professional writing and communication. Campus Wellness also offers online workshops and seminars to support mental and emotional health.

How to use these strategies

Keep this process in mind as you explore and try new strategies for studying and learning. Remember that these steps are cyclical – when you get to the end, return to the first step to continue improving. Learn more about how to excel in your courses or explore the strategies below.

 Evaluate results and strategies after learning - then start again at 1.