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The Student Success Offices provides academic and personal development services, resources for international students, as well as study abroad and exchange support. We work closely with campus partners to create a vibrant experience for students from their first days at Waterloo, right to convocation. 

  1. Mar. 11, 2019Filing your taxesFiling your taxes.

    Your 2018 income tax return is due to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) by April 30, 2019. All students are encouraged to file a tax return even if you didn't have any income. If you are unsure of how to file your documents, there are resources on campus and in the community that can help.

  2. Mar. 6, 2019New immigration updates for international students

    Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has released study permit and post-graduation work permit updates. Learn how this may impact you and speak with an immigration consultant if you have questions.

  3. Mar. 4, 2019Scam Alert - Fraudulent Therapy Services

    There is some incorrect information appearing around campus in the form of a sticker directing people to online therapy at uwtherapy.com

    This information does not come from the University of Waterloo, but rather from a person(s) who is fraudulently presenting themselves as being from the University. This information should not be considered a way to access counseling services on campus.

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  1. Mar. 20, 2019SLP: Building your credibilityRitika says the workshops are fun and allow you to form friendships!

    What qualities make the best leader? Have you ever wanted to be the type of leader others admire? Learn how to develop your credibility and your authentic leadership potential.

    In this workshop, you'll explore:

    • Your personal credibility through self-assessment
    • Leading with integrity and authenticity
    • How word choices, actions and avoidances influence personal credibility
    • Qualities of admired leaders
  2. Mar. 20, 2019SLP: Planning and running an effective meetingGrad student says the SLP helped his professional developemnt and leadership skills

    Many, many, many hours are spent in meetings - how can your meetings build relationships and achieve results?

    In this workshop you'll gain insight into the:

    • Components of an effective team meeting
    • Roles within a team - productive and unproductive
    • Steps to plan a meeting and set an agenda
    • Strategies to increase participation within your meetings
  3. Mar. 20, 2019Organizing your time for midterms and exams in ScienceStudent studying in the Science Teaching Complex.

    Do you have difficulty planning ahead for your exams or leaving studying for exams to the last minute? In Science, you typically have multiple midterms and exams scheduled in close proximity to one another.

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