Get involved


Build your skills by connecting with the SSO

Get involved and build your skills by connecting with the Student Success Office (SSO). Download and use UWaterloo Portal, your personal digital assistant, to gain access to virtual events, campus service updates and to manage your class schedule.

While you're at it, Connect with @UWaterloolife on social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) to see what classmates are up to while they work from home and learn about opportunities to work or volunteer with us. You could become a peer success coach, SLP Facilitator, an Orientation Leader, and so much more!

I’m able to stay connected with campus by following the @UWaterlooLife social channels. From there, I learn about events, volunteer and career opportunities as well as hear what other students are up to. I can easily register for events in Portal, meet new people and make friends, all while maintaining a manageable schedule.

Saphera Peters, undergraduate student and Orientation media team member