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On the road: Engineering a journey across Canada

Abdullah Barakat outside in his coveralls.

In Abdullah Barakat’s final days before convocation, he decided to take a road trip across Canada, visiting the different engineering programs of different schools in the country. As a student graduating from the University of Waterloo with a degree in mechanical engineering, he wanted to take a chance and see what he could learn from each province and institution in April 2018.

Then, he created The Road Trip of the Travelling Covies blog, where he wrote about his day-to-day experiences travelling cross-country.

Random Acts of Kindness across Waterloo

Original template for the Random Act of Kindness #UWRAK contest.

Last Friday, November 2 students were encouraged to celebrate Random Act of Kindness Day by making thoughtful gestures throughout their day on campus. Whether you complimented someone’s presentation in class or held the door open for a group of people, the day proved that you could plant seeds of kindness anywhere you go.

Thrive Week Templates

Thrive Week logo.

As Thrive Week comes to a close, it doesn’t mean that the time to thrive is ending. The message of the week was meant to highlight the resources you can use on campus to thrive in everyday life, foster an inclusive community and show how to develop healthy habits as a student. With Thrive Week also came the launch of a new Instagram Story template each day on @UWaterlooLife. Every story template was designed to help students identify the positive actions they’re already taking to thrive all year.

UW Mates - someone to talk to

UW MATES logo.

With Thrive Week on campus this week, there has been an emphasis on developing self-care habits and learning about the resources available to students. Although there are several counselling services, resources, and seminars available, students may not be aware of them all. In a quest to find out more about one of these services, I reached out to two students from UW’s Mentor Assistance through Education and Support also known as MATES, a one-on-one confidential student support service.

Quidditch 101 for muggles

Photo of one hoop and quidditch players practicing.

To the world, Quidditch is a sport played by the beloved fictional wizard, Harry Potter. The popular books and films feature the game decked out with flying broomsticks, golden snitches and magic. But for Waterloo residents, Quidditch isn’t just what you see on the big screen, it’s so much more!

THE UNION celebrates their first sustainable fashion exhibition

Student modelling a dress made from plastic bags for the “Waste” segment.

On September 30, Project: Trashion hosted their first sustainable fashion show titled: THE UNION. The newly founded University of Waterloo club was created by students, volunteers, and friends who shared the same initiative to reduce waste and make an impact on the environment through art.

Surviving midterms: How to embrace setbacks

Homer Simpson with a stressed expression flipping through a book.

“Midterm season” is a time for any student that, more often than not, can induce instant worry. Once the season hits, it’s not unusual to see students camping out in campus libraries with a coffee in hand, surrounded by cue cards.

A guide to spending Fall Break in Waterloo

Video of Charlie Brown and Snoppy watching a leaf fall into a leaf pile.

As the days inch closer and closer to Fall Break, you may find yourself scrambling to make plans, rushing to book that last-minute carpool ride out of town or scouring the campus trying to look for any form of transportation home. But even if you end up staying put and spending your break in Waterloo, know that you still have options. This upcoming week you can focus on making time with the people you care about and taking a minute to appreciate the little things.

Going abroad and moving ahead

The "Go Abroad Fair" map with different sections.

The University of Waterloo hosted their annual Go Abroad Fair last Wednesday at the Davis Centre. It gave previous Waterloo exchange students and current incoming exchange students a platform to speak about their experiences abroad. The fair was open to undergraduate and graduate students alike, and highlighted opportunities for students to study or work abroad. The fair also shed a light on how exchange can be beneficial not only in academic terms, but also in your everyday life by letting you step out of your comfort zone.

How to stretch your social comfort zone

Girl sweating with the quote “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Have you ever been placed in a room full of strangers and felt like a tiny speck in a sea full of people?

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