This handbook was compiled to help you as a Teaching Assistant (TA) prepare for and carry out your teaching role successfully at Waterloo. Each dropdown section of the handbook will point you to essential strategies and resources for university teaching through Teaching Tips and other materials from the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE).

We hope that first-time TAs will find this handbook helpful for preparing for their immediate teaching duties and answering many of the questions that arise when teaching for the first time. Experienced TAs can use this handbook to learn new ideas and different teaching approaches to enhance their teaching.

Click on the links below to learn more, and be sure to check out CTE's programs and resources for graduate students as you continue to develop as an instructor. Through resources like these and others, we hope you'll find fresh ideas, motivation, and support as you discover the challenges and joys of teaching.

 A smiling female-presenting white teacher in her 20s, with students in the foreground