Teaching Assistant Information

Professor teaching graduate student at a chalkboard.Teaching assistantship and proctoring information

A teaching assistantship (TA) is an average of 10 hours per week and 120 hours for the term and may include marking assignments, laboratory demonstration, leading tutorials and 10 hours of proctoring any Chemistry midterm or final exam (in addition to proctoring midterms for your assigned course). Specific duties will be assigned near the beginning of each term. Proctoring of midterm and final exams will be assigned throughout the term as needed.

Please note that you must be available for the TA assignment from the first day of classes to three working days after the examination period. Although the specific duties assigned by the Department are not uniformly spread over the four month period, the total remuneration for the assignment is uniform across this period.

Chemistry Department Teaching Assistant Workshop

The Department of Chemistry holds a Teaching Assistant Workshop at the beginning of the term for all graduate and undergraduate student teaching assistants. Completion of the Teaching Assistant Workshop is mandatory for all future TA assignments in the Department of Chemistry. You will only need to attend the Teaching Assistant Workshop one time and you will receive a certificate of attendance that you will need to keep as proof of attendance for future assignments.

Some of the benefits of attending this workshop are:

  • Enhance your teaching strategies to be a successful teaching assistant
  • Develop your interpersonal, leadership, and coordination skills
  • Help make your experience as a teaching assistant more enjoyable and rewarding

The next Teaching Assistant Workshop will be accessible starting TBA (Eastern Time) on LEARN. You must have completed the Teaching Assistant Workshop by TBA. Instructions for enrolment in the workshop will be provided to those who require the workshop.

Tutoring opportunities

Interested in becoming a chemistry tutor? Please see our Chemistry tutoring information and opportunities page.