Undergraduate studies

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Information for current undergraduate students

Upper-year scholarships

The Department of Chemistry presents annually a number of awards and scholarships to undergraduate students enrolled in Chemistry programs, in recognition of their academic achievements. No application is necessary. All students enrolled full-time in an Honours Chemistry program are automatically considered.

Mentoring activities

The Department of Chemistry hosts the ChemBioChem Career Nights in collaboration with the Chem and Biochem undergrad clubs.  At the Career Nights, various professionals (often Waterloo alumni) offer information and advice about possible opportunities and career pathways for biochemists and chemists.

Explore careers in chemistry

Curious about what recent Chem/Biochem graduates are doing?

The American Chemical Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry have very good websites that explore various careers in chemistry. Please visit these sites to see the many career options that chemists can pursue.

Note: Honours Chemistry and Honours Biochemistry are accredited programs with the Chemical Institute of Canada and the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC). Any student graduating with an honours Chemistry or honours Biochemistry degree is eligible for membership in the CSC. Please visit the Chemical Institute of Canada website for a complete description of the benefits of being a member as well as the membership fees.