Community outreach

The Department of Chemistry is dedicated to engaging and supporting chemistry educators, students, and enthusiasts of all ages.  Our goal is to create an open and inviting chemistry community and to enhance the communication between the Department of Chemistry at the University of Waterloo and chemistry teachers in Ontario.

We have several outreach initiatives geared toward your level and needs.

High school chemistry exams

Do you have a 75-minute period to challenge your students chemically? Give them the experience of writing the Chem 13 News Exam (Grade 12 students) or the Avogadro Exam (Grade 11 students)! Both exams take place live, online every year in May. **These exams are only available for purchase by a teacher at an accredited high school. 

Chem 13 News magazine

Chem 13 News is an informal magazine where chemistry teachers, especially at the high school and year 1 college levels, share their ideas, comments and teaching materials. Our free, online publication contains an archive of over 600 articles and lessons.

Collaborative projects for students, educators and chemistry enthusiasts

In addition to the magazine, learn about our acclaimed Periodic Table Project from 2011 as well as our two projects in celebration of the 2019 International Year of the Periodic Table: the Mendeleev Mosaic and the Timeline of Elements. Free downloads and interactive PDFs available!

Workshops and tools for chemistry educators

Our goal is to create an open and inviting chemistry community to enhance the communication between Waterloo’s Department of Chemistry and chemistry teachers in Ontario. We offer