Research groups

Professor Sciaini and student in research lab

With more than forty faculty members and 150 graduate students, our research covers all the major areas of Chemistry, including core areas, such as: analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, materials, nanotechnology, organic, physical, polymer, theoretical, and the Institute for Quantum Computing - and a great range of collaborative research, between disciplines of chemistry, biology, engineering, and physics.

Each faculty member's name links to their personal profile and is followed by keywords related to their research. Please contact individual faculty regarding the availability of graduate positions. Note: Those marked with an asterisk (*) are not currently accepting graduate students.

Analytical Chemistry

*Tadeusz Gorecki: Separation science, comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC and LCxLC), GC-MS, HPLC, passive sampling

Vassili Karanassios: Micro- and nano-analysis, miniaturization via lab-on-a-chip, microplasmas, ICP-AES, ICP-MS

Janusz Pawliszyn: Micro-separation techniques, mass spectrometry, in-vivo and on-site determinations, high throughput determinations, imaging


Thorsten Dieckmann: RNA and protein structure, biosensors, ribozymes, NMR spectroscopy, calorimetry, surface plasmon resonance, nucleic acid chemistry

John Honek: Bionanomaterials, medicinal chemistry, enzymology, bioorganic chemistry, protein structure and function

Subha Kalyaanamoorthy: Computational biology, structure- and ligand- based drug discovery, biomolecular simulations, membrane proteins, enzymes, protein structure-function evolution, protein engineering

Elizabeth Meiering: Protein folding, aggregation, design, and therapeutics, ALS

Inorganic Chemistry

John Corrigan: Nanomaterials, nanoclusters, Metal-chalcogenolate complexes: synthesis and reaction chemistry, Structural chemistry, Organometallic chemistry

Holger Kleinke: Solid state chemistry, inorganic materials, thermoelectric energy conversion, crystal structures, electronic structures

Sonny Lee: Bioinorganic chemistry, nitrogenase, clusters, synthetic analogues, transition metals

Linda Nazar: Solid state electrochemistry, Li-ion batteries, nanostructured materials, X-ray and neutron diffraction, photovoltaic materials

Rodney Smith: Inorganic materials, electrocatalysis, reaction dynamics, reaction kinetics, energy storage

Institute for Quantum Computing

Jonathan Baugh: Quantum information processing, nanoelectronics, magnetic resonance, quantum transport, low-dimensional systems

David Cory: Quantum information processing, magnetic resonance, neutron physics, quantum materials

Adam Wei Tsen: Two-dimensional materials, collective quantum phenomena, electronic transport, nanoscience


Anna Klinkova: Nanomaterials synthesis, surface chemistry, nanocatalysis, CO2 electroreduction, plasmonics, self-assembly

Juewen Liu: Biosensors, drug delivery, biointerface chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, DNA nanotechnology

Vivek Maheshwari: Cell-inorganic composites, multi-functional materials and devices, nanoscale electrodes, wearable sensors, composite membranes

Pavle Radovanovic: Inorganic and hybrid nanostructures, optical and magneto-optical spectroscopies, lighting and LEDs, magnetism and spintronics, photonics and photocatalysis

Shirley Tang: Nanobiomaterial, nanobioelectronics, graphene, carbon nanotube, nanocomposite

Xiaosong Wang: Macromolecules, self-assembly, nanomaterials, organometallic, living polymerization

Organic Chemistry

Mike Chong: Asymmetric catalysis, stereoselective synthesis, organometallic reagents, synthetic methods, synthesis of insect pheromones

Gary Dmitrienko: Organic synthesis, enzyme mechanism, enzyme inhibition, antibiotics, natural products

Eric Fillion: Catalysis, mechanistic studies, methodology development, organometallic chemistry, synthetic chemistry

Bob Lemieux: Ferroelectric liquid crystals, electro-optics of liquid crystals, supramolecular chemistry, Chirality Transfer, Structure-Mesomorphous Property Relationships

Graham Murphy: Organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, synthetic methodology, hypervalent iodine, halogenation

Derek Schipper: Organic chemistry, synthetic methods, conjugated materials, catalysis, organic electronic materials

Scott Taylor: Biological and medicinal chemistry, synthetic methodology, enzymology, bionanomaterials

Physical / Theoretical Chemistry

Scott Hopkins: Clusters, quantum chemistry, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, photodissociation

Tong Leung: Green energy: solar cells and hydrogen generation, biosensing and environmental remediation using hybrid nanomaterials, quantum electronics, surface chemical physics, Ultralarge scale computational chemistry

Terry McMahon: Gaseous ion energetics and structure, Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance spectrometry, high pressure mass spectrometry, infrared multiple photon dissociation, ion-molecule reaction dynamics

Marcel Nooijen: Electronic Structure Theory, vibronic coupling and non-adiabatic nuclear dynamics, simulation of vibronic spectroscopy, Coupled Cluster Theory for excited states, multireference methods in transition metal chemistry, thermal electronic properties

Bill Power: Physical chemistry, spectroscopy, NMR, solid state

Pierre-Nicholas Roy: High performance computing, quantum nano-clusters, theoretical chemical physics, quantum dynamics, nano-scale superfluidity

German Sciaini: Femtosecond electron diffraction, time-resolved structural dynamics, ultrafast high-resolution electron imaging, strongly correlated materials, liquid-phase electron microscopy

Conrard Tetsassi Feugmo: Computational electrochemistry and surface science, machine learning, materials sciences, nonlinear optics,, vibrational and electronic spectroscopies, high performance computing and software development, data solutions for sciences.

Polymer Chemistry

Jean Duhamel: Pyrene, fluorescence, self-assembly, macromolecules, colloids

Mario Gauthier: Controlled architecture polymers, graft polymers, block copolymers, dendritic polymers, drug delivery systems