Adam Wei Tsen

Adam Wei Tsen
Associate Professor
Location: RAC 2102
Phone: 519-888-4567, ext. 30375


Wei Tsen's research focuses on the study of low-dimensional materials that exhibit exotic quantum phenomena, and their integration into novel electronic devices.

After receiving a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, as well as a BS in Engineering Physics at the University of California, Berkeley, he completed his PhD in Applied Physics at Cornell University under the guidance of Jiwoong Park.

Tsen then joined the Department of Physics at Columbia University as a postdoctoral associate with Abhay Pasupathy and Philip Kim, where he studied atomically thin quantum materials and incorporated them in nanoscale electronic devices.

in 2016, he joined the University of Waterloo's Department of Chemistry and the Institute for Quantum Computing. He is continuing to explore these materials and develop novel quantum devices based on their exotic properties.

Research Interests

  • Structural, optical and electronic properties of low-dimensional quantum materials
  • Novel microscopy techniques and characterization
  • Manipulation and fabrication of nanoscale electronic devices
  • Quantum Materials
  • Devices and Analytical Methods
  • Smart and Functional Materials


  • 2013 Ph.D., Applied Physics, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA
  • 2006 B.Sc., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • 2006 B.Sc., Engineering Physics, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Affiliations and Volunteer Work

  • Member, Institute for Quantum Computing
  • Member, Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology


  • CHEM 120 - General Chemistry 1
    • Taught in 2019, 2020, 2021
  • CHEM 240 - Mathematical Methods for Chemistry
    • Taught in 2019, 2020, 2021
  • CHEM 254 - Introductory Chemical Thermodynamics
    • Taught in 2023, 2024

* Only courses taught in the past 5 years are displayed.

Selected/Recent Publications

  • "Magnetic field-induced quantum phase transitions in a van der Waals magnet," S. Li, Z. Ye, X. Luo, G. Ye, H. H. Kim, B. Yang, S. Tian, C. Li, H. Lei, A. W. Tsen, K. Sun, R. He, L. Zhao, arXiv:2001.09536.
  • "Quantum tunneling devices incorporating two-dimensional magnetic semiconductors," H. H. Kim & A. W. Tsen, arXiv:1907.07087. Invited Review Article.
  • "Magneto-memristive switching in a 2D layer antiferromagnet," H. H. Kim, S. Jiang, B. Yang, S. Zhong, S. Tian, C. Li, H. Lei, J. Shan, K. F. Mak, A. W Tsen, Advanced Materials 32, 1905433 (2020). Inside front cover.
  • "Generation and detection of coherent longitudinal acoustic waves in ultrathin 1T'-MoTe2," N. Rivas, S. Zhong. T. Dekker, M. Cheng, P. Gicala, F. Chen, X. Luo, Y. P. Sun, A. A. Petruk, K. Pichugin, A. W. Tsen, G. Sciaini. Applied Physics Letters 115, 223103 (2019).
  • "Tailored tunnel magnetoresistance response in three ultrathin chromium trihalides," H. H. Kim, B. Yang, S. Tian , C. Li , G.-X. Miao, H. Lei, A. W. Tsen, Nano Letters 19, 5739-5745 (2019).
  • "Evolution of interlayer and intralayer magnetism in three atomically thin chromium trihalides," H. H. Kim, B. Yang, S. Li, S. Jiang, C. Jin, Z. Tao, G. Nichols, F. Sfigakis, S. Zhong, C. Li, S. Tian, D. G. Cory, G.-X. Miao, J. Shan, K. F. Mak, H. Lei, K. Sun, L. Zhao, A. W. Tsen, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116, 11131-11136 (2019).
  • "Atomic and electronic reconstruction at the van der Waals interface in twisted bilayer graphene," H. Yoo, R. Engelke, S. Carr, S. Fang, K. Zhang, P. Cazeaux, S. H. Sung, R. Hovden, A. W. Tsen, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, G.-C. Yi, M. Kim, M. Luskin, E. B. Tadmor, E. Kaxiras, P. Kim, Nature Materials 18, 448-453 (2019).