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Mendeleev portrait in a hexagon with Mosaic guidelines Wanted portraits of Mendeleev! We need the help of students, educators and chemical enthusiasts from around the world!. We want to create a Mendeleev mosaic as a companion piece to our Timeline of Elements.The University of Waterloo is organizing another collaborative project! Find out more.

the timeline of elements in order of discovery by decade Timeline of Elements project update: Elements have been assigned to 118 schools from around the world — 26 countries!  Our goal is to have chemistry students join together to create an original and imaginative version of the Timeline of Elements focused on their discovery. 

Periodic Table Project app screenshotTo celebrate 2011 International Year of Chemistry, we organized a student-designed collaborative The Periodic Table Project. The project was a great success, resulting in a poster, wall mural and free mobile app.   

  1. Jan. 9, 2019Chemistry graduate students awarded the Dr. J. Leopold Koppel Graduate Scholarship

    Ryan Moreira and Jacob Soley, two doctoral students with Professor Scott Taylor, were awarded the 2018 Dr. J. Leopold Koppel Graduate Scholarship for scholastic excellence in biochemistry and/or molecular biology.

  2. Dec. 12, 2018AI being used to develop drugs even faster and cheaperIllustration of how DMS can identify the best isomer of quinoline that will pass through a cell wall.

    The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is making it possible to discover new drugs faster, cheaper and more efficiently.

    Waterloo chemists have introduced AI to interpret the results acquired by the differential mobility spectrometry (DMS) technique to predict drug properties. This could reduce in principle the time between concept and coming to market of new drugs by years and decrease production costs by $100s of million.

  3. Sep. 28, 2018Chemistry student Adrianna D'Sa awarded a HeForShe Impact scholarshipGroup image of all six HeForShe scholarship recipients.

    Each year, the University of Waterloo awards HeForShe IMPACT scholarships to outstanding first-year students studying in the fields of science, technology, engineering or mathematics. The $12,000 scholarships are part of the University of Waterloo’s commitment to encourage more young minds to pursue careers in STEM, an area where those who identify as women or non-binary groups are currently underrepresented. 

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  1. Jan. 21, 2019Doctoral Thesis Defence: Donald McGillivray

    "Enhanced Conducting Polymer PEDOT:PSS/ Silicon Hybrid Solar Cells: Optimization of Thin Film Properties and Heterojunction Interactions"

    Supervisor:  Prof. Kam Tong Leung
    Location: C2-361

  2. Jan. 21, 2019Chemistry Seminar Series: Giovanni Fanchini

    Nanostructured flash memory devices based on radical polymers and carbon-based nanomaterials

    Giovanni Fanchini
    Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy and Department of Chemistry
    Western University, London, Ontario

    Monday,  January 21, 2019
    2:30 p.m.
    C2-361 (Reading Room)

  3. Feb. 5, 2019Institute for Polymer Research Distinguished Lecturer: Mitchell WinnikClose up of polymer structure.

    Biomedical Applications of Metal-chelating Polymers and Lanthanide Nanoparticles

    Mitchell A. Winnik
    University Professor
    Department of Chemistry
    University of Toronto

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