Course offerings

Please see the Undergraduate Calendar Academic Plans page for information about program requirements. You may also view the Undergraduate Calendar Course Descriptions page for a list of all Chemistry courses and official course descriptions.

For 200-level or higher CHEM courses, the middle digit in the course number designates the theme area, as below:

0 - General Interest
1 - Inorganic/Materials Chemistry
2 - Analytical Chemistry
3 - Biological Chemistry/Biochemistry
4 - Computational/Theoretical Chemistry
5 - Physical Chemistry
6 - Organic Chemistry
7 - Polymer Chemistry
8 - Medicinal Chemistry

Chemistry course offerings by term

Naturally, any course may be subject to cancellation should there be too few students interested in taking it during the term in which it has been scheduled to be offered.

Please see the Program Electives page for information about Chemistry electives for students in Chemistry programs.

Please remember that the Undergraduate Calendar is always the official source for all course descriptions.